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Sparkbay monitors employee engagement, alerts you of any disengagement signs, and helps you improve with data-driven recommendations.

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How we improve engagement

Ask the right questions

With its intelligent question assignment, Sparkbay delivers the right question to the right person at the right time. That way, you'll uncover disengagement patterns as soon as they arise.

Make data-driven decision

Making the right decisions is essential to your success.
Sparkbay’s interactive dashboards will give your leaders actionable insights for every employee segment: direct manager, department, office, tenure, title, demography and more.

Act on feedback: close the loop

Collecting employee feedback is only the beginning.
Sparkbay turns your managers into agents of change within their teams, with actionable personnalized recommandations.

Accurately measure engagement

Base yourself on science

Our questionnaire is developed by psychologists and customizable as needed.

Share selectively

Share partial results and trends with managers and team leads, enabling anyone to take actions to improve engagement levels.

Know where you stand

Tap into our large dataset of employee insights to forecast employee turnover and uncover the reasons why.

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Before Sparkbay many employees were hesitant to speak their minds. Sparkbay helped us make employees feel at ease to provide feedback on what needs to be improved.

Ann Speak
Director of Human Resources at