Sparkbay for team managers

Put powerful tools in the hands of those best equipped to drive real change - your managers.

See in action

Give managers the tools they need

Encourage managers to take ownership over their performance by providing them with reports that identify their team’s top improvement opportunities.

Improve & grow together

Identifying opportunities is half the battle.
Sparkbay goes the extra mile to help you and managers improve by pairing every identified issue with advice and strategies to overcome it. Because even the best teams have room to grow.

Powerful tools for managers

Email reports

Maintain a connection between your managers and the employee engagement process, even when they’re not logged in. Regular email reports provide top-level insight straight to their inbox.

Access control

As an admin, you have complete control over manager access to data. Limit features to senior leadership, while providing junior managers with the insights they need to act effectively. Or provide full access to everyone.

Reporting in a click

PDF export lets managers download their results in a format that can be communicated with the team effortlessly.

Sparkbay helps us quickly identify improvement opportunities by slicing the data of groups with different realities. Without a tool like Sparkbay, it would have been very difficult to identify these elements.

Dominic Proulx
Vice President, Human Resources

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