Sparkbay for HR leaders

Effective, easy to adopt, and user-friendly at every level, Sparkbay puts employee and manager insights at your fingertips, and the power to drive results in your hand.

See in action

Better understand your managers and employees

Don’t just ask questions, open up dialogue. Sparkbay allows you to follow key trends and patterns across your company through current, honest employee feedback.
Know exactly where and when you’ll have the greatest impact, and which managers and teams need your support.

Track initiatives. Take action.

Why settle for guesswork when you can see the big picture? Sparkbay provides a 360º view of the moments and situations that matter.
Whether you’re reacting to an unexpected crisis or demonstrating value around a new initiative, get the human-level data you need to take action with confidence.

Improve leadership and trust in your workplace

Equip managers to become great leaders. Employee trust in your company ties directly to the leadership they experience – so make it the best it can be.
Sparkbay steps beyond the data to act as your coaching partner for managers, guiding them with actionable strategies, tactics, and expert advice for addressing feedback and challenges.

Everything you need

Email reports

Monitor your progress, even when you’re not logged in. Receive regular email reports that provide a top-level insight straight to your inbox.

Access control

As an admin, you have complete control over manager access to data. Limit features to senior leadership, while providing junior managers with the insights they need to act effectively. Or provide full access to everyone.

Reporting in a click

PDF export lets you download results in a format that can be communicated with senior leadership effortlessly.

mdf commerce chose Sparkbay for the tool's ease of use and its customer focus. Sparkbay helps us guide programs to meet employee needs and increase talent retention.

Julie Bélanger
Vice President, Human Resources

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