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Discover how your employees really feel, and act effectively.

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Understand your employees

What you don't know might be hurting you. Sparkbay lets you understand the ins-and-outs of your workforce.

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Forge better leaders

Good managers are the most important asset to your company’s success. Sparkbay equips your managers with the tools to be proactive about their team's engagement.

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Instantly identify issues

Knowing the top issues can make the difference between being effective or not. Sparkbay helps you deep dive on issues and take precise action.

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Discover the best of your organization.

Sparkbay taps into the collective intelligence of your employees, while promoting a productive environment.

Develop a strong company culture

Build strong relationships between employees and know what makes them tick.

Solve problems rapidly

Address key issues directly by providing concrete and complete solutions.

Mobilize your workforce

Create a sense of belonging by involving all employees in finding solutions.

Maximize your competitiveness

Break silos between organizational units and pool resources to discover improvement opportunities.

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Develop your team

Make conversation a habit and encourage your team to go above and beyond.