Understand your people like never before

Sparkbay let you deep dive into your people and empowers you to make them your competitive advantage.

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Beyond Sparkbay's undeniable strategic contribution to our company, it’s their team's commitment to improving our employee engagement that I find amazing!

Fannie Pelletier
CEO | Addendum

People is your greatest resource. Use it efficiently

Transform your business

Discover where to focus your efforts to have the greatest impact on your business.

Take a deeper look

Predict the future

Detect people at risk of attrition it time of to prevent it.

Discover how

Close the loop

Tap into the collective intelligence of your employees and find the best solutions to your top issues.

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Discover the best of your organization.

Sparkbay makes it easy to collect invaluable employee insights and have the conversations that matter the most to your business.

Nurture a strong company culture

Understand your employees better than anyone else, and create a workplace culture designed to unlock potential.

Solve problems rapidly

Break silos between organizational units and pool resources to discover improvement opportunities.

Mobilize your workforce

Create a sense of belonging by involving all employees in finding solutions.

Maximize your competitiveness

Uncover remarkable ideas by tapping into the people that know your business best.

Develop your team

Turn conversation into a habit and build a culture of feedback.