Spark a high-performance culture

Sparkbay is a simple platform that empowers HR leaders and managers to build engaged, high-achieving teams.

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Sparkbay gives you the tools to turn your people into a competitive advantage

Employee engagement

Drive meaningful changes

Uncover where to focus your efforts to have the greatest impact on your organization. Sparkbay will take the guesswork out of building a high performing culture.

Employee retention

Know what's coming

Detect segments at risk of leaving and reveal the issues leading to turnover. This will enable you to act in time to prevent top performers leaving.

HR initiatives

Don't settle for data. Get results.

Acting on feedback is crucial. Sparkbay will empower you to close the loop and implement impactful initiatives.

Diversity and inclusion

Build an inclusive culture

Sparkbay helps you build a workplace where everyone can thrive.

Unlock benefits for the entire organization

Sparkbay makes it easy to collect invaluable employee insights and have the conversations that matter the most to your business.

HR Leaders
Get actionable solutions

Know your employees better than anyone and implement effective HR initiatives.

Prevent unexpected expenses

Avoid wasted training and unexpected expenses caused by unwanted turnover.

Shape your workplace experience

Have a voice in how you want to make your organization a better place to work.

Create a high-performing culture

Take control of your culture and drive better individual and organizational performance.

Better manage your team

Build a stronger team by understanding how your people really feel.

Beyond Sparkbay's undeniable strategic contribution to our company, it’s their team's commitment to improving our employee engagement that I find amazing!

Fannie Pelletier
CEO | Addendum