How data-driven companies make better people decisions

You make business decisions with data. We help you do it with people decisions. Sparkbay identifies which people improvement opportunities have the largest impact on what matters to you, whether it’s engagement, turnover, or performance.

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Use your data to help you align people decisions with business outcomes



Factors affecting employee engagement, turnover, and performance.



How to improve and the ROI you can expect.



Personalized recommendations to make better people decisions.

Empower managers to drive impactful actions

Identify issues early: take actions rapidly

Sparkbay continuous employee feedback monitoring uncovers disengagement patterns as soon as they arise. This way you empower your managers to act rapidly before this leads to increased turnover and lowered performance.

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Stop losing talent to unwanted turnover

Sparkbay analyzes your recent departures to understand the issues causing people to leave, and predicts employees at risk of leaving. That way you and your managers can address issues early and prevent talent from leaving.

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Leverage your efforts

You can't do everything alone. That's why Sparkbay’s prediction engine uses your business data to predict the most impactful actions. — This way, you’ll be laser-focused on what matters to the most.

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Turn managers into expert people leaders

Sparkbay provides leaders at all levels of your organization with personalized easy-to-implement actions to act on their data and drive meaningful changes. These actions are aimed towards one objective: turning your people into a competitive advantage.

Why Sparkbay

Best-in-class platform

Connect the dots across the employee experience to predict what’s going to happen next.

No learning curve

Employee engagement has never been easier or faster. Sparkbay is so intuitive you will master it in no time.

Assisted by experts

Get the support of our experienced client success team, who will accompany you through your culture improvement initiatives.

Beyond Sparkbay's undeniable strategic contribution to our company, it’s their team's commitment to improving our employee engagement that I find amazing!

Fannie Pelletier
Chief Executive Officer at

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