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Build engaged, high-performing teams with new tools to support managers

With real-time insights, personalized coaching, and practical tools, Sparkbay empowers managers to build highly engaged teams that drive exceptional results while fostering a positive, purpose-driven culture.

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Earning the trust of people-first organizations

Uses Sparkbay to understand the challenges of its teams

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Makes employee well-being a priority

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Attracts and retains talent with Sparkbay

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Better understands HR issues Sparkbay

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Aligns culture in a fast-growing organization

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Improves team members' experience in 28 countries

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How we help people leaders drive exceptional results


Continuously measure engagement levels

Science-backed questions provide real-time insights into workforce engagement throughout the year, enabling early identification of potential issues.


Analyze data-driven insights

Comprehensive reports highlight specific areas for improvement within each employee segment, empowering managers to make informed decisions.


Prioritize your actions strategically

Advanced analytics enable your managers to prioritize the most important actions to sustainably improve team engagement.


Take impactful actions

With personalized coaching and practical tools, managers can independently implement effective strategies that drive meaningful improvements.

Strengthen the partnership between HR and managers

Empower your managers to become better people leader.

Identify issues early: take actions rapidly

Sparkbay continuous employee feedback monitoring uncovers disengagement patterns as soon as they arise. This way you empower your managers to act rapidly before this leads to increased turnover and lowered performance.

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Retain your top talent

Sparkbay analyzes your recent departures to understand the issues causing people to leave, and predicts employees at risk of leaving. That way you and your managers can address issues early and prevent talent from leaving.

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Predict the most impactful actions

Sparkbay’s prediction engine uses your business data to predict the most impactful actions. — This way, your managers will be laser-focused on what matters to the most.

Personnalized leadership coaching for managers

Sparkbay provides leaders at all levels of your organization with personalized easy-to-implement actions to act on their data and drive meaningful changes. These actions are aimed towards one objective: turning your people into a competitive advantage.

mdf commerce chose Sparkbay for the tool's ease of use and its customer focus. Sparkbay helps us guide programs to meet employee needs and increase talent retention.

Julie Bélanger
Vice President, Human Resources

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