Survey & Measure

Pulse surveys

Short and regular science-backed questions to capture your people's state of mind throughout the year.

Reach everyone

Reach everyone in your organization with Email, SMS, and Kiosk surveys.

Flexible survey frequency

Customize survey frequency as you see fit: weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly.

Targeted question sets

Want to understand how underrepresented groups truly feel? Sparkbay let you send targeted questions to specific employee groups.

9 Languages

Survey questions are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Hindi, Thai. Let us know if you’re looking for another language.

Employee focus groups and smart starters

Our open questions are designed to effectively engage conversations from employees around key issues.

Analyze & Predict

Personalized benchmarks

Benchmark yourself against companies in the same industry as yours, using our proprietary dataset.

Turnover prediction

Receive real-time alerts for employee segments that show an increased risk of turnover.

Exit report

Uncover the real causes of turnover, empowering you to take early action and address the issues that matter.


Rapidly compare results across segments through easy-to-understand tables.

Real-time analytics

Powerful, yet simple real-time reports show you and your managers the main improvement opportunities for each employee segment.

Automated hierarchy mapping

Automatically drill down through the organizational structure to understand how each level of the organization performs.

Report & Action

Automated coaching

Receive personalized easy-to-implement actions to act on your data and drive meaningful changes.

Selective sharing

Share partial results and trends with managers and team leads, enabling anyone to take actions to improve engagement levels.

Email reports

Maintain a connection between your managers and the employee engagement process, even when they’re not logged in. Regular email reports provide top-level insight straight to their inbox.

Access control

As an admin, you have complete control over manager access to data. Limit features to senior leadership, while providing junior managers with the insights they need to act effectively. Or provide full access to everyone.

Reporting in a click

PDF export lets managers download their results in a format that can be communicated with the team effortlessly.

HRIS integration

Sparkbay is built to allow a seamless and straightforward integration with your HR management software. New employees are added automatically, and any changes are securely synchronized - allowing you to focus more time on improving your team.