Implementation & continuous support

Employee success is everyone’s job

We believe that a successful experience with our platform starts with a seamless implementation process coupled with continued support throughout the journey with Sparkbay.

Every Sparkbay customer has access to our client success team who helped organizations around the world create an engagement program they love.

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Sparkbay success program

With Sparkbay’s Success Program, your dedicated success manager will ensure you get up and running with Sparkbay in no time!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A complete hands-on walkthrough of Sparkbay functionality

  • Insight into the best practices we have developed over millions of unique pieces of feedback collected

  • Dedicated time from your client success manager

  • Live, virtual webinars focused on adoption strategies & best practices

  • We will even help you build and implement your first action plan

Kick-off meeting

2 weeks before launch

Who should attend

  • HR Team

What will be discussed

  • Success goals and metrics

  • Milestones to reach

  • Customize the reporting experience

What will be the outcome

  • We both leave the call with a clear measure of success

Managers webinar

1 week before launch

Who should attend

  • HR Team

  • Senior leadership

  • Managers

What will be discussed

  • Walk through managers functionality focusing on dashboard and reports

  • Best practices on how managers will integrate Sparkbay into their existing workflows

What will be the outcome

  • You will have a high-level understanding of the platform and how it will help managers have quality conversations with their team

Review initial results

4 weeks after launch

Who should attend

  • HR Team

  • Senior leadership

What will be discussed

  • Review results to uncover improvement opportunities

  • Guidance on communications & change management

  • Walk through any outstanding product or strategy questions

What will be the outcome

  • You will feel confident understanding where to act and design your first action plan

Success check-in

Every 3 months

Who should attend

  • HR Team

What will be discussed

  • Revisit business objectives and discuss employee participation

  • Consulting on action plans and best practice

  • Personal demos of new features, functionality, and best practices

  • Brainstorm sessions regarding new ideas for your people management program

What will be the outcome

  • You will know which actions to implement to ensure success and mass adoption

  • Your success manager will create high-level executive presentations to help you reinforce your position as a true partner to Senior leadership

The dedicated support team is simply outstanding: always there, always with good ideas and always very hands-on.

Tim van der Wart
Director, Organizational Development & Culture at

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