Diversity and inclusion

Companies that cultivate an inclusive culture enjoy open, honest work environments where people love to come to work. Sparkbay helps you measure the experience of all groups, and introduce the initiatives that will make a real difference for your people.

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How we help you build a diverse and inclusive workplace

Measure how inclusive your organization is

Sparkbay helps you understand how different employee segments are feeling, and compare specific aspects of their workplace experience.

Eliminate bias from decisions

Sparkbay lets you uncover disparities between groups. Know how underrepresented groups truly feel ⁠— whether they think that decisions are fair, that their voices are heard, or that they see opportunities for themselves.

Here are some of our favorite resources on the topic:

Explore how Sparkbay helps you turn your people into a competitive advantage

Employee engagement

Drive meaningful changes

Uncover where to focus your efforts to have the greatest impact on your organization. Sparkbay will take the guesswork out of building a high performing culture.

Employee retention

Know what's coming

Detect segment at risk of leaving and learn the issues leading to turnover. This will enable you to act on time to prevent top performers leaving.

HR initiatives

Don't settle for data. Get results.

Acting on feedback is crucial. Sparkbay will empower you to close the loop and implement impactful initiatives.