Employee Retention Solution

Predict and prevent turnover

Retaining your top performers is crucial to your bottom line. Sparkbay helps you detect employee segments at risk of leaving and learn the issues leading to turnover, enabling you to act in time to prevent attrition.

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How we help you prevent turnover

Early warning system

Sparkbay’s predictive module uses employee data and machine learning to generate real-time alerts for employee segments that show an increased risk of turnover, drop in satisfaction or other KPI changes.

Understand your employee lifecycle

Sparkbay captures feedback from the day your people join to the day they leave giving you meaningful insights into the employee experience over time.

Uncover the issues leading to turnover

Sparkbay uses feedback data from recently departed employees to uncover the real causes of turnover, empowering you to take early action and address the issues that matter.

Retain top talent

Share selectively

Share partial results and trends with managers and team leads, enabling anyone to take actions to improve engagement levels.

Leverage advanced datasets

Tap into our large dataset of employee insights to forecast employee turnover and uncover the reasons why.

Harness collective intelligence

Tap into what’s working in practice for real-world companies facing the same challenges.

Sparkbay helped us identify the issues leading to departure in two departments and reduce turnover by 10% in these departments.

Ann Speak
Director of Human Resources at

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