We help organization thrive by making work better for their people.

We founded Sparkbay on the belief that organizations that understand their people, grow.

Our mission is to help companies improve through a culture of feedback, listening, and action. Managers and HR leaders around the world use Sparkbay as a better way to build engaged, high-achieving teams.

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What we do

Sparkbay empowers managers to be independent in implementing action plans thanks to its personalized recommendations and focus groups, enabling them to involve employees in searching for actionable solutions adapted to the organization's reality.

Sparkbay differentiates itself by its ability to identify employee segments with a high risk of turnover, allowing organizations to retain their talent and reduce unexpected expenses.

Our beliefs

People must be at the heart of decision-making

Trust and integrity need to govern relationships

Everyone can be their best with the right tools

A solution has to be simple yet robust

You deserve all of this

Our team

Whether we are talking about our people, our clients, or the work we do, we are driven by the idea of making work better. Our greatest strengths are our unique personalities, passions, and skills. We hire the best people, not only based on where they've been, but also on where they are able to go. What brings us together? We’re all here to build something that matters.

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