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How Dessercom makes employee well-being a priority

With its fleet of over 100 ambulances in 40 service points and more than 100 medical transport units, Dessercom is a leader in pre-hospital emergency and medical transport services in Quebec. Dessercom is recognized for its concern for the health and safety of its personnel.

Interview with Marie Rodrigue, Senior Director of HR

What is your main challenge?

Dessercom has always made sure that it is there for its team members. Like many organizations, the fight against the pandemic has forced us to strengthen the collaboration and closeness between teams, as well as the trust and alignment of staff with the organization.

We wanted to better understand how the team members felt, while ensuring their well-being.

Our major challenge was to manage the pandemic and its impact on employees in a context of labour shortage.

It was therefore crucial to be able to take the pulse of all team members in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

What benefits have you seen from Sparkbay?

The GM, as part of the ambulance stations tour, can now pull up the latest results (engagement lever scores, open comments) before each visit.

The GM is therefore able to have a more personalized approach with each station, which strengthens the credibility of the initiative because he knows the main challenges and can adjust his speech accordingly.

This has created a snowball effect on managers, who are now following suit and taking the time to go through their team results.

Sparkbay also allowed us to better understand the expectations of team members regarding recognition, and target concrete actions to significantly increase impact.

How does Sparkbay helps make your job easier?

Before moving to a sector we can know the current pulse of the sector and not the one of 6 months ago. This allows us to adequately measure the impact of the changes we make.

If you didn't have a tool like Sparkbay, what would you do?

Before Sparkbay, each point of care received the same message as part of the tour.

Now managers can have a customized message for each group based on the signals in the field (technical, cultural, relationship with supervisors, etc.) to better know how to act.

How would you describe Sparkbay to a friend?

It is a thermometer of the organizational climate, a tool for decision-making that is as important to me as financial ratios.

What are the benefits you expect to gain from using Sparkbay?

We intend to improve the employee experience and become a better employer. Regular pulse-taking also allows us to foster a close relationship with team members. Our goal is to have all managers use the surveys as input for team meetings.

What has it been like working with Sparkbay so far?

Sparkbay offers great service, including fast responses and up-to-date development of new features.