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How NARS reduced turnover by 10% with Sparkbay

North American Risk Services, Inc. (NARS) is a premier third-party claims administrator that is dedicated to producing the best possible results for their clients. NARS handles claims for insurers, brokerages, managing general agencies, captives, reinsurers, liquidation bureaus, self-insured funds and public entities. Through efficient claims adjustment, NARS makes their customers whole again.

Introducing: NARS

NARS regularly faces critical events such as the storm and hurricane seasons, starting at the end of May. Some storms can cause extreme damages, and this puts NARS in a hectic period. The number of claims drastically increases during that period, which makes retaining key talent crucial.

In the months preceding the last hurricane season, NARS wanted to better understand how their employees are feeling and identify areas to improve to prevent turnover.

These days, companies understand putting people first is the best way to ensure strong business performance and satisfied customers. For NARS, the challenge is finding the right tools and technology that can support employee engagement throughout the organization.

Since implementing Sparkbay in 2019, NARS was able to reduce turnover by 10%.

How Sparkbay drives engagement via senior leadership and managers

Without good people, you don’t have a good company – and if you don’t have a good company, you don’t have very happy customers. This is why a people-first strategy is very important.

The best companies out there have the best managers and the best leaders. Ultimately, the more that you can provide insights to all people leaders, the better they can perform, and the better they can impact employee engagement in their teams. What you need to do as an HR professional is to empower leaders to be leaders.

This is why NARS chose to work with Sparkbay.

Sparkbay made it easy to analyze the employee feedback with senior leadership and prove that certain actions needed to be taken, or benefits put in place.

As well as making it easier for the HR team to have conversations with the executive team, Sparkbay also gave NARS a way to start conversations about employee engagement and set actions at the managerial level.

This allowed NARS to address engagement with a combined top-down executive agenda, and bottom-up manager actions from a grassroots level.

The ease of implementing Sparkbay

From the beginning NARS wanted Sparkbay to be a central part of their people-first approach, and the company wanted to use the tool regularly.

Integrating the platform into the daily workflow required very little adoption drive from HR because leadership, managers and employees were able to understand the value straight away.

Using Sparkbay insights to improve employee retention

Traditional engagement surveys require a long period of time between the end of a survey and actually getting the results. As a leader, you are often waiting in anticipation, and wondering what insights are going to be available. The wait can be frustrating, but with Sparkbay you can start to see results as soon as employees have submitted their survey.

One of the HR team’s favorite things about Sparkbay is the ‘’top improvement opportunities’’ feature. If you’ve worked with traditional surveys, then it’s more than likely you’ve had to go through all of the survey scores manually for each group of people (office, department, manager) to understand where you have the biggest gaps. It is incredibly time-consuming and it can be easy to miss certain issues. Thankfully, Sparkbay does all of that for you automatically, which frees up more of the HR team’s time to focus on solutions.

NARS did a large analysis to try and understand what was causing the turnover rates over the previous 12 months. The company could see that when Sparkbay was rolled out across the organization, turnover also started to come down.

The usability of the Sparkbay platform helped NARS achieve an efficient feedback cycle. The HR team can dive into the platform with their colleagues because it’s so easy to understand the key insights. The platform’s real-time nature enables NARS to quickly identify the key themes to act on.

With Sparkbay, the HR teams was able to better understand why people leave the company. This feedback helps identify future areas for improvement and has reduced employee turnover.

Sparkbay had provided NARS with targeted insights such as the need to better communicate employee feedback and to have more frequent conversations with employees about career progression plans– and from this, the company was able to implement initiatives. It’s clear that Sparkbay played a key part in reducing the turnover by 10 % over that 12 month period.

Sparkbay is “top of class” for employee engagement

Sparkbay has helped the HR team to prove the value of employee engagement to senior leaders, and it has made it easier to take an evidence-based approach to HR decisions.

The results

By partnering with Sparkbay and enhancing their programs for recognition, NARS achieved strong results. The HR team was most excited about the 10% decrease in company turnover. Having an employee-driven program has showcased NARS’ commitment to its people.

Employee engagement at NARS also increased with Sparkbay. Here are some notable areas:

  • Autonomy: Knowing what is needed to meet their goals and objectives (18% increase)
  • Professional Growth: Seeing a path to advance their career at NARS (16% increase)
  • Innovation: Ability to find new and better ways to do their jobs (15% increase)

Alongside improvements in employee sentiment, leaders have observed positive changes in NARS’ culture.