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How Spectra Premium improves its employer brand with Sparkbay

Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions designs, manufactures and markets technologies that support sustainable mobility. They focus on the development and commercialization of heat transfer, engine management and underbody products for automotive and commercial vehicle applications. Spectra Premium leverages its unique North American manufacturing capability, supported by their superior design engineering, to enhance their product offering to aftermarket and original equipment customers.

Interview with the Vice President of Human Resources

What is your biggest challenge right now?

Our biggest challenge is engaging and retaining employees in an overly competitive market. With the pandemic and remote work, the workplace is different and it's more complex to get people. Hence the need to reinvent ourselves.

What challenges are you trying to solve by using Sparkbay?

We want to understand how everyone feels about a culture shift to a performance and process-based culture. We want to have an accurate picture of where things stand, so we know what HR strategies to prioritize.

How does Sparkbay help you make your job easier?

Sparkbay is very helpful. This is not my first experience with engagement surveys in a large company, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the agility of the platform, their approach, it's incredible. It's a far cry from the heavy-handedness that comes with large consulting firms. Sparkbay is easy to use, regardless of the size of the organization, and the data that you allow us to have is very interesting to have indicators of employee engagement.

How would you describe Sparkbay to a friend?

Sparkbay is a solution that is agile, fast, customizable, with the ability to tailor services to our reality. The way Sparkbay synthesizes reports is efficient, while allowing us to go deep into the data, laterally and vertically.

What are the benefits you expect to gain from using Sparkbay?

We want to optimize our employer branding, our ability to attract, retain and motivate employees.

What has it been like working with Sparkbay so far?

The experience is great, from start to finish. The support and professionalism are perfect.