What you don’t know might be hurting you. This can change.

Sparkbay empowers you to uncover workforce issues, and fix them before it impacts your business.

Employee feedback

Find improvement opportunities

Knowing the factors that stiffle your efforts is key in creating an efficient workplace. Sparkbay empowers you to deeply understand your issues through quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly anonymous short surveys
  • Science-backed questions designed to find employees pain points
  • Intelligent question assignment ensuring high participation]

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People analytics

Take data-driven decisions

Making data-backed decisions is essential to your success. Sparkbay predictive intelligence helps you identify high-impact actions to transform your culture.

  • Segment employee data any way you want: department, tenure, title, demography and more
  • In-depth reports for cohort comparisons
  • Actionable insights for every employee segment
Employee experience

Converse with your employees

Your employees know the issues more than anyone. Sparkbay gives your employees a voice and empowers them to shape the innovative changes within your organization.

  • Converse anonymously with your team on any issue
  • 70+ smart starters designed for solution finding
  • Automatically bring to the surface the best ideas through crowd-ranking

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