Employee productivity

Use your people data to drive business results

Your company is as good as its people. Sparkbay identifies what separates your top teams from the rest to help you understand where to focus your efforts.

See in action

How we help your managers and teams improve productivity

Understand what drives productivity

Your company’s performance is driven by your people’s discretionary efforts. In other words, the amount of effort they are willing to put, to go from achieving the bare minimum to becoming a high performer. Using our proprietary algorithms, Sparkbay pinpoints the factors that will bring the biggest increase in employee productivity — this way you can turn every team into high performers.

Predict your productivity gain

Ever wanted to know what ROI to expect before launching a people initiative? Sparkbay's predictive pipeline leverages your own KPI data to predict the performance gains you can expect from improving key areas — you'll be laser-focused on what actually matters to drive performance.

Increase manager effectiveness with contextual learning

Sparkbay provides leaders at all levels of your organization with personalized easy-to-implement actions to act on their data and drive meaningful changes. These actions are aimed towards one objective: turning your people into a competitive advantage.

Sparkbay helped us identify opportunities in two departments and reduce turnover by 10% in these departments.

Ann Speak
Director of Human Resources at