Top Employee Engagement Survey Vendors in 2024

Looking for the best employee engagement platform? We've compiled a list of the top 11 employee engagement solutions on the market.

You know your company needs employee engagement software. As your organizational development needs become more dynamic, you need technology to deliver the data necessary to make strategic decisions.

But anything worth doing requires time and money. And even though you're confident the company needs an employee engagement platform, the rest of the business needs some convincing.

This is why we compiled a list of the top 11 employee engagement solutions on the market.

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Sparkbay (that’s us) helps HR leaders understand employee engagement in real-time, and managers better act on feedback through personalized, easy-to-implement actions.

Our greatest strengths and difference from the other tools is our sheer ease of use, which can be summed up as follows:

  • We believe that you shouldn’t have to sit through a week-long meeting just to use a tool.
  • We also believe in giving the right information to the right person. You should receive the most actionable information rather than being buried under a pile of data.
  • Finally, we believe that you should receive personalized service from a dedicated success manager rather than being shuffled around.

Below are other features that make Sparkbay different.

Sparkbay provides a validated question set.

Asking the right questions is important. Organizations are often tempted to cast the net wide and ask a wide range of questions. In reality, your company needs to ask questions that monitor behaviors that are tied to employee engagement.

Sparkbay questions undergo an annual review process for relevance. In other words, companies who use the Sparkbay platform aren't feeling their way around in the dark, hoping to ask questions that lead to insights.

Across our customers we track questions over time, looking for patterns and strength of correlations to see where new facets might be emerging. We also track customer requests for particular focus areas (e.g.: Remote Work and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion).

We then evaluate this longlist to determine which questions will be included in our question bank for clients. We also ensure that we draft the best surveys by ensuring that every question:

  • Meets the objectives of the survey
  • Addresses the most pressing issues of the target population
  • Uses clear language that's free from technical jargon
  • Clearly defines terms
  • Is a simple question as opposed to a complex, compound question
  • Avoids ambiguity and confusion, so there aren't multiple interpretations among respondents
  • Is neutral and free from suggestion so respondents aren't led towards a certain answer
  • Asks something that respondents are capable of answering

Sparkbay's annual review process also includes tests to optimize overall survey design to help clients avoid survey fatigue and other adverse survey behaviors.

Sparkbay helps you prioritize

Companies can only address a certain number of issues at any given time. Our data shows that companies can only address about 10% of organizational issues. This leaves organizations with one big question: What do we focus on first?

The other challenge is that different individuals and departments are also jockeying for funds and resources. As a result, everyone who wants to initiate a project has to make a compelling case for why their project is worthy.

For HR leaders, there are any number of issues that could be causing employee disengagement. Employee disengagement could be caused by low salaries, flimsy benefits packages, few perks, not enough vacation days, limited advancements for opportunity, lack of diversity and inclusion, and more.

How can HR leaders decide where to devote their energy?

Choosing the wrong project could lead to wasted time and money and negatively impact HR's ability to win funding and stakeholder buy-in for future projects.

This is why Sparkbay's algorithm can determine which initiatives will have the most impact on engagement for your organization.

Sparkbay predicts and prevents unwanted turnover

Poor employee engagement often leads to employee turnover, but that statement isn't thorough enough to create meaningful change.

Without data, it would be easy to assign the same cause to every turnover spike. One organization may blame all its turnover on low pay while another might blame turnover on lack of professional development.

Sparkbay can also help with identifying the actual causes of employee turnover.

Our platform automatically surveys your employees at regular intervals (70% of our clients opt for monthly surveys).

Using this data Sparkbay captures trends and alerts you in real-time when an employee segment shows an increased risk of turnover.

Sparkbay also uses data from recently departed employees to uncover the real causes behind turnover, empowering you to take early action and address the issues that matter before it's too late.

Sparkbay empowers managers by delivering automated coaching

Managers are essential to the success of your employee engagement initiative.

Despite this, managers often have trouble acting on the feedback from employee engagement surveys.

Many HR leaders assume that managers know what to do once they receive survey results. But the truth is that most managers don't know how to turn feedback into actions.

As a result, many managers set survey results aside which prevents the success of your engagement strategy.

This is why our software provides managers with simple, but relevant and specific, suggestions to implement on their team.

These suggestions are meaningful because they are the result of not only employee engagement surveys, but the team's other business metrics as well.


Achievers is an employee experience platform designed to help managers listen, recognize and reward employees making them feel heard and appreciated. They have a Reward Marketplace where customers can buy and redeem their vouchers.

  • Provides insightful feedback to managers and also drives significant engagement among employees.
  • Provides a straightforward way of identifying excellent employee performance within an organization and provides a way to reward them.
  • The platform accommodates a diverse workforce. It has the engagement qualities of a universal platform that can be likened to social media.
  • Too many features can create friction and contribute to lower adoption by managers.
  • The reporting aspect of this platform is not as straightforward as its other areas. It comes with a steep learning curve. Managers can take a lot of time learning how to use it and understand its
  • All its features are not clear-cut. Users have to learn how to take advantage of its plethora of features.

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is an employee engagement, performance management, and employee development platform. The employee engagement aspect helps businesses understand their workforce, while performance management features support managers to develop and grow their teams. The platform also helps in empowering leaders and managers by improving their skills.

  • Culture Amp has a detail-oriented reporting tool that gives a comprehensive breakdown of the paramount issues. It also suggests actionable solutions.
  • The platform offers a wide array of customization options to users, especially when it comes to surveying templates.
  • Utilizes objective and science-backed questions and considers the employees working from home.
  • The platform's interface is intuitive and easy to understand and navigate.
  • Culture Amp offers many features (survey, 360 reviews, performance review, professional developement) which makes the platform hard to master and may contribute to lower adoption by managers.
  • Filtering can be difficult in some report sections making it hard to find the information you are seeking.
  • End-users reports are a bit tedious to unpack and understand.


Peakon specializes in collecting employee feedback, analyzing, and then converting the feedback into insights that businesses can use to improve performance.

  • Peakon provides key insights such as employee engagement and attrition risk. And metrics on the organization's health & well-being. It also provides a benchmark on how the organization is performing against other industry players.
  • Peakon is now part of Workday which may affect customer support and development of new features.
  • Navigation is laborious: you can click anywhere and be redirected to a new report which makes the software hard to master.
  • The sheer quantity of data can be overwhelming and intimidating to new users.


Glint is an employee engagement platform that helps companies to support their employees in becoming more effective. It helps HR and managers to engage with hired talent in a way that will both inspire and uplift. There is a real-time AI that helps gather feedback that produces actionable results.

  • Glint integrates with Linkedin Learning for continuous learning.
  • The platform is available in more than 50 global languages.
  • Glint was one of the first employee engagement software on the market. As a result, the dashboard may need a refresh.
  • Glint was sold to Linkedin. As a result, supporting the platform may not be Linkedin's main priority.
  • Linkedin Learning may be too much for managers looking for quick answers.
  • Glint is expensive compared to other employee engagement software.


15Five is an employee performance and engagement platform that helps managers interact with staff more effectively.

  • The platform offers a ton of features which is a plus for organizations looking for an all-in-one solution.
  • Having that many features (engagement surveys, OKR's, performance reviews) makes the platform hard to master and may contribute to lower adoption by managers. This may be amplified by the acquisition of Emplify by 15five.
  • Steep learning curve and is hard to navigate for beginners.


Lattice aims to help organizations get the most out of their workforce. Users can perform various tasks on this platform, such as sharing feedback, setting goals, generating employee surveys, etc.

  • One of the fastest growing employee engagement provider on the market.
  • Lattice offers a wide-range of features for companies looking for a all-in-one solution.
  • Too many features (Surveys, Performance Reviews, Goals, 1:1s, Praise, and Feedback) can create friction and contribute to lower adoption by managers.
  • The platform can be complex for new users because of the learning curve. The complexity can also discourage users from participating.

Lattice Summary

Lattice has a lot of unique features that can help managers retain more staff, however, the sheer diversity itself can be a detriment.


Qualtrics Employee XM is one of many products by Qualtrics. The Experience Management Platform aims to help organizations attract and retain their talent.

  • Is one of the largest providers in the market.
  • Provides a wide range of survey types.
  • Qualtrics is a customer experience (CX) platform that branched into the employee engagement field. As a result, employee engagement may not be Qualtrics' core priority compared with their other products.
  • Some plans do not have an intuitive dashboard and require you to export data in spreadsheets.
  • Has a steep learning curve

Bamboo HR

BambooHR is an HRIS (Human Resources Information System) with employee engagement capabilities.

  • Provide an all-in-one experience.
  • BambooHR is an HRIS company that branched into employee engagement. As a result, employee engagement may not be their core priority.
  • Specific features can be hard to find.

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The information provided in this article is based on what we have heard from prospects and customers who are assessing employee engagement software as well as information gleaned from other providers' websites and marketing materials. We have done our best to provide honest and accurate information and feedback about all providers.All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.