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How Omnitrans Empowers Managers to Create A High-Performance Culture with Sparkbay

For more than 40 years, Omnitrans has been a trusted partner to leading importers and exporters across North America. Omnitrans offers a full suite of synergistic logistics solutions, including: Canadian and US customs brokerage, customs consulting, international freight forwarding, truck freight and worldwide courier services.

Introducing: Omnitrans

It’s Omnitrans’ people that make the organization tick.

Omnitrans employees have unique technical skills and capabilities that help deliver results for the company’s customers, which is why people are right at the heart of the business.

Since introducing Sparkbay, Omnitrans has been able to extend the conversation about culture throughout the organization and give managers the tool to make decisions and respond to feedback in a way that ensures the continued success of the business.

Starting a conversation about culture

Omnistrans worked hard on its culture, and it’s important for the HR team that culture is being talked about on a regular basis. Employees discuss what they like about working there, what isn’t working, and what could be even better.

The HR team wanted to know what people would like to see as contributors or managers.

Giving everyone has an equal voice, Sparkbay helps break down barriers and surface themes that the company might not have noticed otherwise.

Equipping managers with the right information

After you’ve started the conversation about culture and engagement, you have to make sure you’re using that feedback to address employee concerns and areas of improvement. The people right at the heart of that are the managers and team leaders.

Omnitrans wanted to set the managers up with what they needed to be great managers. Sparkbay is right at the heart of this, helping managers understand what is working well in their team and what can be even better.

The information managers are receiving is completely unfiltered.

Focusing on one action at a time

It might seem overwhelming to ask for feedback from your entire organization, but the important thing to remember is that engagement is a shared responsibility.

By sharing your survey results and starting a conversation about the themes that have emerged, it becomes a team exercise. That way people become part of the solution, instead of just looking to someone more senior when something needs fixing.

Omnitrans is focused on continuing to develop the company culture to support business growth. It can be difficult to know where to start, but when you focus on taking one action at a time, it can quickly lead to huge cultural shifts.

By having an employee-driven engagement program, Omnitrans wanted to showcase its commitment to the people.

Employee engagement at Omnitrans also increased with Sparkbay in those areas:

  • Pride in the organization
  • Recognition
  • Level of commitment to the organization's success and their future within the company